WebMail Interface    

  • WebMail gives you the freedom to access your e-mail from home, the office and on the road. Access your e-mail via WebMail from anywhere in the world where there's a Web-connected computer.
  • Use your personalized WebMail login URL to access your WebMail interface:
    example: mail.yourdomainname.com
  • Send and receive messages up to 10MB including attachments. Total message size can be up to 10MB to abide by internet e-mail standards.
Secure WebMail

  • Secure WebMail login is offered at 128bit encryption by selecting the secure option during login or by going directly to https://wm.merchantsecure.com



  • cookies must be enabled on your browser in order to identify you as a WebMail user on our system. If your browser is not set to allow cookies, consult the help section of your browser to find out how to set your browser to accept cookies.
Anti-Virus Protection

  • Every e-mail including attachments sent to your e-mail address are scanned by NOD-32 Anti-Virus on the server-side before entering your inbox. If a virus is detected, the e-mail will be eliminate and will not be delivered to your inbox.


Anti-Spam Filtering

The following SPAM filtering options are available at your domain and can be set by your account administrator:

  1. Add '[SPAM]' prefix to Subject of emails containing SPAM and deliver to mailboxes.
  2. Delete SPAM on server-side without delivering to mailboxes.
  3. Disable SPAM Filters.

Regardless of the selected SPAM filter option, the following checks are always performed on the server-side:

  • check against DNS RBL (Realtime Blackhole List) per list below;
  • check for empty TO and FROM fields in Headers (not in the "message envelop");
  • check for a valid fully qualified senders (FROM) e-mail address;
  • check for a valid domain in the FROM address.

All e-mail messages that do not pass any of the above checks are rejected by our mail servers.

SPAM Filters use the following RBL Lists:

  • relays.ordb.org - open relays based on submissions and tests
  • sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org - known SPAM sources based on manual selection process
  • bl.spamcop.net - The SpamCop Blocking List (SCBL) lists IP addresses which have transmitted reported email to SpamCop users.
E-mail Client Setup ( POP & SMTP Servers )

Incoming Mail Server: pop.yourdomainname.com
Outgoing SMTP Server: smtp.yourdomainname.com

You must specify your full e-mail address (someone@apbelt.com or someone%apbelt.com ) as the mailbox username in your E-mail client (Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, etc.). For detailed instructions on how to setup your e-mail client it depends on its type and version, access the help section found in your email client software.

To send email using our SMTP server, you must select 'my outgoing smtp server requires Authentication' in your email client software. The username & password will be the same for POP (incoming) and SMTP (outgoing) mail. For detailed instructions on how to enable SMTP Authentication in your email client, it depends on your email client type and version, access the help section found in your email client software.

*IMPORTANT: In order to use our outgoing SMTP server, your ISP (internet service provider) must have Port 25 open. If your ISP does not have Port 25 open you must use your ISP's outgoing SMTP server to send POP e-mail. Contact your ISP for more details.